The Music and Arts for Life organization is a reputable Canadian Charitable and Not-for-profit organization located within the Greater Toronto Area.

Our focus as a local charity is to make the Music and Arts available for children and youth regardless of their backgrounds, mental or physical abilities, and social barriers experience the learning and connections. We provide specialized training using the needs-based approach for children with special needs and autism, which will enable them to develop and enhance their artistic and musical skills, thereby supporting their development socially, emotionally and cognitively.

With strong support from our volunteers and community members we strive to promote diversity and inclusivity, through our Music and Art lessons.



The Music and Arts for Life organization was created to achieve our main goal which is to educate our most vulnerable members of our community in all aspects of the arts. Although we are a small organization, we offer big opportunities for our youth and all clients. With altruistic intentions, our efforts are aimed directly to:

  • Engage our students with one another to help them overcome challenges

  • Support their self-confidence  

  • Enhancing their amelioration of creativity and personal development.



Music and Arts for Life promote and portrays a set of values that we believe are important in the way we offer our services and communicate with one another. The core values that we aim to instil are:


we want to cultivate an inclusive environment for our children, youth and volunteers who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. We have open doors for those who are members of minority groups and for those who have special needs.


we want to make our members comfortable and remind them that confidence is a key to becoming a better version of one’s self. With appreciating their own abilities and qualities, our children and youth can take on the world with more energy and determination which can help them create better relationships, their quality of works and the connection with their environment.


with our strong commitment to professionalism, we provide our youth with exceptional services and training that ensures their pathways towards development. With the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum, we provide within our lessons, we can give our students the best experience at hand, while demonstrating quality and efficiency.


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