The Music and Arts for Life organization is a reputable Canadian Charitable and Not-for-profit organization located within the Greater Toronto Area.

Our focus as a local charity is to make the Music and Arts available for children and youth regardless of their backgrounds, mental or physical abilities, and social barriers experience the learning and connections. We provide specialized training using the needs-based approach for children with special needs and autism, which will enable them to develop and enhance their artistic and musical skills, thereby supporting their development socially, emotionally and cognitively.  

With strong support from our volunteers and community members we strive to promote diversity and inclusivity, through our Music and Art lessons.


Our Team

Lynda DiMarco

Executive Director | ldimarco@artlover.com

What a privilege it is to go on this creative journey with you! Let's not worry about the end result, let's just enjoy the process. Choose to bring imagination back into your lives and be surrounded by youthful inspiration. Here we speak one artistic language that comes freely from our hearts without any judgment or restrictions. Most importantly, always remember to dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening. I can't wait to meet you!   Lynda DiMarco - Executive Director

Judy Music

Director, Operations | Musicandarts@artlover.com

One of my philosophies in teaching have always been allowing my students to freely explore and express their thoughts and ideas beyond music: teaching should not be contained to the four walls of a classroom. Consequently, the opportunity to learn should also not be limited by income. My goal is to not only provide all our students with equal opportunity to succeed in music and art but to also instil in them the confidence that they are a crucial part of the community. And little by little, if we believe enough, we will make a difference.     Judy Music - Director of Operations

Our Board

Iwona Kozibroda

President | ikozibroda@artlover.com

I would like to invite everyone to support and appreciate the value of our program at … where our goal is to help stimulate the growth and cultural awareness of our children through discovery and exploration of the arts.  We aim to provide an opportunity for less fortunate and special needs children to express their feelings through music, drama and dance and experience the powerful and enlightening effects of the arts on their social, emotional and intellectual development.   Iwona Kozibroda - President

Rada Mihajlović

Program advisory member | rmihajlovic@artlover.com

As an educator, I am fortunate to continuously witness the astonishing energy that our children bring and offer to this world. The youth of our community spreads their dreams beneath our feet and trust us to cultivate them to their fullest potential, true aspirations and passions. We cannot aspire to educate young minds if we neglect their hearts. Art and music open the door to their hearts and allow us to appreciate the true magnificence that every child, regardless of their social and economic milieu, carries inside.    

Rada Mihajlović - Member

Ann Zhang

Vice President | azhang@artlover.com

Within each child lies the potential to succeed in music and the arts, but many, due to unfortunate circumstances, are unable to further develop such potential. Our mission is to provide those who are less fortunate with the opportunity that every child deserves, to bring them one step closer to their dreams.    

Ann Zhang - Vice President

Mary Mikhail

Board member 

I have been in education for over 20 years and have seen firsthand the importance of exposing students to a variety of programs. Children’s creative education is especially important to be because the arts provide an outlet for children’s creativity.  Children don’t have to be good at the arts, they need a venue to demonstrate their creativity in different ways.

Mary Mikhail - Member

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