Our mission is to create equal opportunities and space for all Specially challenged children and youth through our programs and services. With the goal of fostering inclusivity, creativity and learning pathways our students will artistically learn and grow.


Encouraging, enhancing and empowering all abilities to learn, grow and thrive through music and arts.

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The Music and Arts for Life Not-for-Profit Organization offers free 10-week cycle classes of music and art lessons to most vulnerable community members.



Music is a universal language. Here at Music & Arts for Life, we offer a variety of different types of music lessons. From basic music theory to different types of instruments, to lessons from the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum, you will surely find a class that best suits your child and young adults.  We want you to utilize your music education for your future goals if you do decide to continue in this field. The classes provided will be a combination of theory and playing an instrument. You will learn:

  • How to read, write and compose music

  • Play any instrument of your interest


Music & Arts for Life provides special art activities, which includes an exceptional artistic experience involving professional instructors. The classes are free and can be of single or multi-day sessions that introduces children to the work of artists and provides them training to enhance their creative expressions through:

  • Hands-on creative arts projects such as: painting, drawing, sculpture or mixed media. Each lesson will revolve around a theme and a technique

  • Members will have opportunities to experience all styles of artistic expression

We invite our youth to reconnect with their inner artistic talent while creating beautiful works of art. We hope to empower our participants through our lessons and bring meaningful change to their lives.



At Music & Arts for life, we believe:

  • Every child deserves an opportunity to explore and learn music and arts

  • The simple act of children coming together to join will allow them to express themselves beyond the school boundaries

  • Cultivating an inclusive environment and instilling confidence in our students can help them to become creative citizens of tomorrow

  • We want every child and adult to learn and develop therefore we do what we do!


Volunteering Opportunities

Join us in supporting others while gaining the personal growth necessary for success.


With many different options to choose from based on your time, ability, and interests there is something for everyone. We believe volunteering acts as a tool to learn about society and oneself as a collective. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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